2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 is Sport Car with Titanium Exhaust System

2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 sports car was developed from the collaboration with Akrapovic, a renowned specialist for titanium exhaust system. Titanium exhaust system will be applied to the 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 so that cars become lighter, elegant and memorable with the sound coming out of the exhaust BMW B3 GT3. 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 also developed from the characteristics and technical features of the Alpina BMW B6 GT3 owned by classic design elements of the iconic cars of the past Alpina, Alpina thus providing customer satisfaction worldwide. Alpina BMW B6 GT3 is the car that won in the arena of 2011 ADAC GT Masters Championship with drivers Alexandros Margaritis and Dino Lunardi.

New Alpina BMW B3 GT3 uses for titanium rear silencer and tailpipes, in addition to the design construction measures such as removal of middle silencer, use the-x and the diameter of the pipe is significantly larger, has resulted not only in the back pressure is reduced but also saves weight 11kg . 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 race cars to take the design of the Alpina BMW B6 GT3, and in order to support weight loss efforts, the exhaust system ‘only’ have two Alpina usually oval-shaped tailpipes but increased diameter (115mm). In addition to the protective function of heat, light cut carbon exhaust gives a more aggressive design. Broad development measures aimed at achieving a sound, natural sound is filtered and the typical six-cylinder engine.

2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 has a high performance motor sport brake set-up with 6-piston fixed calipers in front and 4-piston fixed calliper at the rear, with discs measuring 380 x 35 mm in front and 355 x 32 mm at the rear. Brake calipers are painted in blue with the inscription on the silver Alpina discrete. Overall, the 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 has a brake that is designed for high stress and burden in the forced condition and is characterized by excellent resistance to fade, good modulation (control) and the response – without sacrificing comfort and practicality.

Has a unique and exclusive designs, 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 is optionally available with a full-body vinyl wrap on the design of the official B6 GT3 race car (green/blue/silver), including interior trim in green lacquer. All cars are equipped with a rear axle with a Drexler limited slip differential, similar to race cars BMW Alpina B6 GT3. Every 2012 BMW Alpina B3 GT3 labeled with the production of a special plaque designed in the interior.

2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 using a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter six-cylinder is very good, capable of providing power and torque. By changing the back pressure exhaust silencer system and replace the rear has been substantially reduced, increased output in the BMW ALPINA B3 GT3 by 8HP. Direct injected petrol engine now delivers 2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 total output power 408 hp @ 6000 rpm and torque of 540Nm @ 4500 rpm on, capable of reaching 0-100 km/h in 4.6 seconds.

2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 is available only in limited circles for 99 cars, the New Alpina BMW B3 GT3 will be available from spring 2012 with prices around € 90.000, – including 19% VAT (German specifications, ex-works Buchloe).

2012 Alpina BMW B3 GT3 is Sport Car with Titanium Exhaust System
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